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A Word From our Co-Founder

Regenified is a pathway forward, a promise to our children, their children, and all people. We founded Regenified to protect the narrative around regenerative agriculture and recognize those who have made a commitment to tangible progress.
Farmer & Regenified Co-Founder Gabe Brown

Transitioning the World’s Supply Chain to Regenerative

Regenified is a practice and outcome-based land verification and product certification program driving the growth of regenerative agriculture and the adoption of certified products. We recognize and certify those who adopt regenerative practices, building a better existence for all of us.

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We help farmers and ranchers get recognized for their practices and the positive impact they make on our planet.

We certify products validating the supply chain and bringing transparency to our food system. 

We help brands connect with regenerative farmers and find shelf space in retailers for Certified Regenified products.

We create trust. A product that bears the Regenified Mark was grown using regenerative practices to create positive ecological outcomes. 

Why Regenerative?

Regenerative farming is as much the future of agriculture as it is simply what nature intends. It satisfies the evolving demand to connect people with the farmers who grow their food, and it protects our planet from the negative impacts by restoring what was lost, including soil health, biodiversity, economic stability, and climate resilience.

Regenified’s solution is not to conquer nature, but to collaborate with it. 
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Union Grove Farm, Tier 3 Certified Regenified

The Planet-Saving Power of Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture focuses on restoring the health of the entire ecosystem. It promotes biodiversity, soil health, water conservation, and climate resilience.

Practices used in regenerative farming include minimizing soil disturbance, maintaining living roots, keeping armor on the soil, building biodiversity, and integrating livestock.

The goal is to produce nutritious and high-quality food while also contributing to the overall well-being of the environment, ecosystem, farmer, and our communities.

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A Better Future from the Ground Up

Regenified’s principles and standards encourage the connection between land, animal, and steward because decades of experience prove that’s what makes a measurable difference.

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Regenified’s 6-3-4 Verification Standard

Authored by Regenified’s founders, pioneers of regenerative agriculture and soil health, our 6-3-4 Standard is designed to provide the industry with a framework that recognizes where you are in the regenerative journey.


Principles of
Soil Health

Adopting widely-recognized regenerative practices to increase biodiversity.


Rules of Adaptive

Recognizing every decision on the farm has compounding and cascading effects.



What we examine to measure the outcomes and impact of regenerative practices.

The Path to Positive Impact

Get certified, learn more, or follow along as Regenified guides the movement toward a better future.

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