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Regenified Expands to Canada with Axten Family Farms Leading the Way

News provided by Regenified
October 30, 2023

DALLAS, Texas, (Sept. 27, 2023) – Regenified, a global leader in regenerative agriculture verification and certification, proudly announces that Axten Family Farms, a fourth-generation, 12,000-acre grain and legume farm based in Minton, Saskatchewan, has become the first Certified Regenified farm in Canada. Axten Family Farms achieved Regenified’s Tier 5 certification, which signifies the highest level of regenerative practices grounded in data-driven practices. Certification requires rigorous in-field evaluation, practice assessment and verification, along with outcomes assessment to measure progress.

Regenified's mission is to facilitate the widespread global adoption of regenerative farming, addressing critical environmental challenges and ensuring the production of nutrient-dense, regeneratively grown food. Designed to move entire supply chains toward regenerative agriculture, its 6-3-4 Verification Standard™ creates consistency and protocols to track progress in the regeneration of agricultural systems.

Derek and Tannis Axten, owners and operators of Axten Family Farms, began their regenerative journey in 2007 while looking for ways to conserve soil moisture. Continuing to transform the land over time, the Axtens note, "We are deeply committed to regenerative practices because we believe in doing what's right for the land and the planet. Regenified offers us the opportunity to showcase our commitment to regenerative agriculture to a discerning market. It's not just about the quality of our products; it's about the care and dedication that go into producing them." Their passion is reflected in their farm motto, “Loyal to the Soil”.

Salar Shemirani, CEO of Regenified, says, "We are thrilled to welcome Axten Family Farms into the Regenified community. They have set a remarkable standard for Canadian agriculture at a time when the government is taking positive steps to advance regenerative agriculture. We are excited to see the Axten’s grains and legumes land on shelves in grocery stores across Canada so consumers can choose to buy nutrient-dense food that is verified to heal the soil and restore water cycles.”

Reflecting on the farm’s transition to regenerative practices , the Axtens added, "Joining a global network of regenerative farmers who share our values is really important to us. Regenified provides a framework that clearly measures the impact regenerative practices have on the land. As a result of their comprehensive evaluation and lab testing, we achieved Tier 5 verification which validates our years of hard work and commitment and provides measurable proof that our way of farming can and does transform the land," they note.

The Axten family also cites their respect for Gabe Brown, co-founder of Regenified, and a renowned regenerative agriculture advocate featured in the upcoming documentary Common Ground. Gabe has been an inspirational mentor to the Axtens for many years.

Regenified's expansion into Canada is a significant step towards its goal of a global network dedicated to regenerating one billion hectares of land by 2025. As consumers increasingly prioritize regenerative agriculture and seek assurance that the soil is actively regenerating, farms like Axten Family Farms play a pivotal role in meeting this demand. Regenified’s seal and product claim is the first and only 3rd party regenerative program to be recognized and accepted by USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services for single and multi-ingredient products.

About Regenified:

Regenified is a practice and outcome-based land verification and product certification program that champions regenerative agriculture. Founded by a team of regenerative farming pioneers, experts, and innovators, Regenified promotes practices that enhance biodiversity, soil health, water quality, and nutrient density while aligning with nature. Regenified verifies and certifies farms, ranches, and products that restore ecosystems and regenerate soil, ensuring a sustainable legacy for future generations. Committed to cultivating a regenerative world, Regenified guides farms and brands toward practices that rejuvenate the Earth, support thriving ecosystems, and transform agriculture into a healing force for our planet. Farmers and buyers interested in learning more should visit

About Axten Family Farms:

Axten Family Farms is a multi-generation farm in Minton, Saskatchewan that specializes in the cultivation of a diverse range of regenerative crops, including Lentils, Yellow Mustard, Winter Peas, Buckwheat, Chickpeas, Golden Flax, Cereal Grains, and Camelina. These crops, grown using regenerative practices, result in nutrient-dense grains beneficial to both consumers and the environment. For more information visit